Roasted Red Pepper & Corn Grilled Chicken Boats

2014-02-25 11.06.33-2

Wheat-less Wednesday is upon us, which means NO bread today! I love roasted red peppers on a sandwich, so this recipe does the trick. We all have busy work schedules so you can prepare the ingredients at home and assemble them at your office. I cooked the roasted red peppers on the grill the night before as well as the roasted corn and grilled chicken. I brought them into work in separate tupperware containers and assembled them on my romaine lettuce pieces.

You will need:

  • 2 roasted red peppers
  • 2-3 tbsp grilled corn
  • 1 piece grilled chicken (sliced or chopped)
  • 2 long pieces of romaine lettuce
  • chopped rosemary

For the roasted red peppers:  You want to place them on the grill and let them cook until the skin turns black on the outside. Then remove from the grill for 15 minutes. The skin will easily peel off. Make sure you remove all of it. Season with some olive oil and oregano.

For the grilled corn: place the corn on cob onto the grill, turning it every few minutes. Once it is cooked, remove from the grill and cut the kernels off the cob.

For the grilled chicken: Take one raw chicken breast and season with salt and pepper. You can also add a touch of teriyaki sauce to give it some flavor. Place on the grill until it is cooked.

For the Boats: Take two long romaine lettuce pieces and lay them on a plate. Cover each piece with the roasted red peppers. Add the chopped grilled chicken, followed by the corn. Top with rosemary.

2014-02-25 11.03.27-1

These “boats” are easy to pick up and eat and taste just as good as a sandwich, I promise!!

2014-02-25 11.07.56-2

2014-02-25 11.07.08-2

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  1. DetoxMama says:

    Looks really yummy!

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