Rosemary Roasted Tomatoes

2014-03-01 16.47.18

When you think of healthy snacks, the first few things that come to mind are: hummus and veggies, celery and peanut butter or greek yogurt. I would never think of eating tomatoes alone as a snack, especially without any cheese. However, these little tomatoes are so good, I would eat them as a snack between meals. They are garlicky, salty and have a nice balance with the hint of rosemary. You can keep them in a nice little tupperware container at the office or in your fridge at home.

You will need:

  • 1 container cherry tomatoes
  • garlic powder
  • sea salt
  • pepper
  • rosemary sprigs

Preheat the oven on 350 degrees. Cut each tomato in half and place in a greased pan. Sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and garlic powder. Add a few crushed piece of rosemary.

2014-03-01 15.50.062014-03-01 15.53.27

Pop it in the oven for almost one hour. Make sure you stir occasionally. These little guys are amazing. I couldn’t stop eating them!!

2014-03-01 16.46.06

2014-03-01 16.47.06

2014-03-01 16.47.18

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